Provisioning Center Course - Budtending

Cannabis Medical Marijuana vocational and technical school

Instructor:  Higher Learning Institute Faculty 

Location:   17 S Saginaw St, Pontiac, MI 48342 

$399 -  5 weeks (30 students max per class)

Schedule: Starting March 9, 2020 

Monday/Wednesday,  Tuesday/Thursday or Saturday

Orientation: March 2, 2020

Required Classroom Hours: 20

Required Lab Hours: 10


5 weeks -  2 Weekday classes per week for 2 hours each  

Saturday classes 4 hours each 10:00-12:00, 1:00-3:00

Students are required to attend two classes and one lab per week. 

This course will give you the basic understanding of the history, current laws, medical applications and basic uses of cannabis.  The class will cover the foundation of Provisioning Center Operations with a primary concentration in Budtending.  Students will gain knowledge on the types and forms of cannabis and which strains will assist with the qualifying conditions.  There will be a concentration in customer service skills, with a focus on listening and empathy.  They will also learn how to do effective selling through practical lab experience and classroom presentations. 


The material for this course will be comprised of lectures, interactive media, handouts, in-class exercises, homework, current events, exams, and a textbook.  All homework and exam materials will be derived from the books, slides and from lectures.  Homework and reading assignments must be completed on time, independent of classroom study.


Students will be evaluated on homework, a midterm, final exam and lab attendance.  One of the assignments will be presented to the class. 


The students will have 1 homework assignment due each week.   


The midterm will test all material covered in the first three weeks of class.  The final exam will test all material covered after the midterm.  Make up exams will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.


Students are required to work 2 hours per week in the predetermined lab location. Cannabis University vocational and technical school Medical Marijuana

Week 1 History and Law

Class 1 Course Overview - Provisioning Center Course - Budtending 

Class 1 Introductions and Class Expectations 

Class 2 History of Cannabis as Medicine

Class 2 Michigan vs Federal Law - Med vs. Rec 

Week 2  Cannabis Basics 

Class 1 Different Types of Cannabis - Sativa, Indica, Ruderalis 

Class 1 Medical Conditions, Terpenes and Cannabinoids 

Class 2 Cannabis Strains and Genetics 

Week 3 Provisioning Center Operations and Cannabis Applications

Class 1 Midterm Review 

Class 1 Uses of Cannabis - extracts, edibles, topicals, smokables, suppositories

Class 2 Provisions Center Staff and Roles 

Week 4 Consulting and Business Procedures

Class 1 Managing the Patient/Customer Experience

Class 2 Administration, Metrc, Retail Policy and Procedure, HIPPA

Week 5 Final Presentations and Wrap Up 

Class 1 Project - Presentations - Final Review 

Class 2 Final Exam 


Homework = 25 points

Lab            = 25 points

Midterm     = 25 points

Final          = 25 points